Dear Other Women...Sincerely, the Wives of America

What goes wrong in a woman's life that she thinks that she can stake claim to something that doesn't belong to her. In this case it would be someone  husband. Why would you want someone who had a nerve to up and leave their family. The thought of that is just unfathomable to me.

 The idea of borrowing or stealing another woman's man is unthinkable. And that's exactly why the other woman  such an object of fascination: Why does she do it? Does she want to get caught? How does it feel to be her?How do you lay in bed looking at that man knowing you are committing adultery. How can you consciously pray to God to do better things with your life when you are taking part in ripping someone's life apart? Who the hell are you to step in between the sanctity of marriage? How do you make that situation right in your mind?

Yes you may think you have it made now. The thrill of being with him makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. He's done things for you that no other man has, promises of marriage, leaving his wife behind blah blah freakin blah. Who cares! The facts remain he still belongs to someone else unless stated otherwise (ie. Divorce Papers). And if you have kids that just makes it even worse. Now you are teaching them it's ok to stake claim into something that's not yours. The worst kind of man to bring around your kids is the kind of man that don't even take care of his own. And for you to have chosen a man that is capable of leaving his family without a fight,is the most despicable choice you can ever make for yourself and your kids.

And please don't hit us with the famous other woman  line...""if you were treating him right, then he wouldn't be coming to me" Since when did it become YOUR concern How someone treats THEIR husband? Last time I checked, marriages don't get worked out by going off and jumping into bed with someone else.  No where in the marriage vows did it say "for better or until the other person gets tired of being married and finds another girl" And lets say you do work out and get married, how long will it take for you to get that late night phone call that he's screwing the next. See you aren't special. You're just a tool. You get the job done for the time you are around until he finds something, bigger, pretty and shiner to play with. Don't think it won't happen to you b/c it will.

And us wives can't  place all blame on you. No, because he had to seek you out in order for this affair to happen. We understand he painted us in the worst way possible.We're crazy, We  cheat,we're this we're  that. We get it. Most men do that when they are trying to reach the end game which in this case is your bed. But the minute he told you he was married. You had two choices: To walk away or to stay. And you decided to care only about you and stay. We understand you don't owe me a thing. But we also understand that you my dear are setting yourself for a fail. It may not happen tomorrow or next month but trust  when it hits you will know. And when it does, you'll finally understand what it feels like to be on this side of the fence. And it's our sincere hope that you fall flat on your face and when you look around, no one will be there to pick you up and dust you off letting you know it will be okay. Because it won't be. The moment you realize you have been used, abused and thrown away will be the day you realize 1/10th of how it felt to be us. Every tear, heartbreak, every single piece of pain you inflicted will come back to you ten fold. So enjoy the ride while it lasts sweetie....

And to the men who treat these women like pawns. Your day is coming too. Don't think you can keep playing with the lives of others and not suffer the consequence. The simple solution for you is not to get married. Stop lying, stop cheating. Stop playing these games. Stop making these women hate mankind in general because your behind wanted to play hopscotch with her heart. It's not cool. Stop bringing kids into the world if you don't intend on being with their mother's Its so simple to just live the life you want to live without breaking someone's heart in the process. It just breaks my heart to see all these broken families, single mothers, and scorned women because of what some man did. Don't take part in it. Stand out, be better, do better. Be the man your mother raised you to be. Stop with the nonsense.

In closing love isn’t a state of being, it changes, and it is sometimes situational at best – but it is marked by commitment and choice. It is a decision that may have to be made again and again, even with the same person.When times get hard (and they most certainly will) it's not the time to go seek solace into the arms of another woman. For better or worse wasn't put in vows just to be put there. It actually means for better or worse.

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