We can't be Friends

Can we be friends....

Time and time again, women make the mistake of thinking they can be friends with their ex boyfriends or ex husbands. Instead of healing from the heartbreak, in an attempt to try to hold on to him, you try to play the friend card. And that is only setting yourself up for the ultimate fail.

The thing is men move on much quicker than women do. He can break up with you today and be with someone else by next week. That's just how men are built. At least most of them anyway. Women, we tend to hold on and hope that he'll come back, that hell "come to his senses". And that's when that friend card comes into play. We sit in the background in hopes that he will see that he really did mess up a good thing.

Being friends with an ex in most cases will set you up for heart break over and over again. It's not enough that you have to get over him, now you are watching him move on with another person. Why even put yourself through that torture? Even if you have kids with him, that doesn't mean that you have to share the most intimate  details with your life. Its possible to have good relationship with the father of your child without having to be his friend. Chances are he's only keeping you around for convince. And if i need to spell it out for you, chances are he knows you are easy sex when no one else is putting out. Sad but it's true. For you that's a dangerous game to play.

Bottom line is you have to let him go. As hard as it may be you have to. Trying to be friends only hurts you in the long run. Especially if you aren't quite over him. Don't talk to him, don't tell him about your day, don't tell him how you feel. And if you have kids, limit the conversation to the kids and nothing else.   He he left you, know that he isn't coming back. And trust being friends with him isn't gonna change his mind about you. He is who he is. And you can't change that.

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