Conditions of the Heart....

I hate pain. I don’t know too many people who like it. We will protect our knees with knee pads, our heads with helmets, put on bullet proof vests and what not….So with all that why is it we don’t take that same care and consideration with our hearts?  We treat them as if they are disposable. Like if it gets damage we can break the emergency glass and replace it with a brand new one.  Despite what you see on television, love does not hurt. Yet we allow ourselves to get stomped, crushed and prodded in that same area over and over again. And as time goes on the condition of the heart weakens. The resilience it once had starts to decline. To protect what little life it has, the walls start to build up, the chain is wrapped around it, and the padlock is set in place. We throw the key away, leaving it up to someone else to find a way to unlock it, break the chain, and tear the walls down on that sucker. The side effects of a broken heart may include, anger, sadness, bitterness and most dangerously….indifference.

One would think the condition of the heart would be one’s number one concern, after all, the heart shows people who you really are. Stop treating the most precious thing in your body as if it were waste. Exercise what you process in carefully. Minister to your heart daily. Throw away the unneeded baggage that keeps it heavy. And most importantly, stop letting other people play with it.

No band-aids needed.

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